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. just one the principle managers is steve (clapping) and i will read off for you names who are heavily involved in the construction effort and i'll ask them to stand. they're here every weekend. (calling names) (clapping) if you four could please stand up (clapping) >> those individuals are only a small representation of the amount of effort that went in and the others and i thank them all. i have an enormous amount of respect and others who made a significant contribution. i want to thank other and my cohorts on other committee. and one other person there are a group of people i have to thank is the california highway patrol. we couldn't have done this without them (clapping) >> commissioner farrell from top to bottom and skill that we couldn't have done without and i thank you. again personally. i'll name two otherville's the pier review panel we enlisted to help guide us to make sure we were making the best decisions and two of those individuals are here (calling names) i'm eternally grateful to you two (clapping) >> and to the people of the bay area. this is your bridge. this b
me in welcoming my chair amy worth (clapping) >> thank you, very much. steve i'm honored to be here to welcome i all and to say what a great a day and congratulations to everyone. it really is a glorious day. being around the eastern span one of the things you may have noticed it that construction is not an old boy's club anymore. it's something that video news man mark john noticed when he was documenting the bridge. so he's done more than 20 oral histories. and he comprised a short video precisely some of the women who have transcribed to the ante span. please join me >> i work in san francisco my mother worked on the new bridge and my brother. my mom worked on the first and second phase with me for another one of the contractors that were out here. and my grandfather worked on the original span but it's been fun. >> it's one of those projects that's come in a lifetime. >> it's seeing it take a look take shape. when i finish our work you see something >> i work for the superintendent of the project. so no days even the same. it's interesting like i said in high school i'm going
's face it, overall, temperatures today, mid-60s, here is sal. >>> steve, good morning, right now traffic is going to be doing well around the bay area and as a matter of fact we don't have a lot to go on but we will be watching the traffic. today traffic patterns will be slightly different as you drive through the area and it will not be so much of a commute it will be people just trying to get away from the area and we will be looking at 101 in san francisco and traffic is moving along as we drive through. as we look at the commute in livermore there are no problems, still light and it is nice and early and so we'll see what happens. today will not be a typical commute dated. let's go back to the desk. >>> we begin with breaking news, firefighters are trapped in an early morning apartment fire and we will could to tara moriarty with the latest. >>> on briggs avenue, not only did you see behind me a couple much flames, they are trying to get out there but tenants are already pointing the finger at a man they say started it but this fire broke out around 245 this morning and it had been g
million americans. we have live team coverage. >> steve secentanni is one of t many airports. >> good morning heather and ainsley. this storm system is widespread. we have seen the heaviest situations in the northeast. anywhere from florida up to maine you are seeing some form of precipitation associated with the storm. pretty incredible how massive it is. the rain really coming down new york city, emergennew jersey do washington, d.c. and up across parts of new england. we have areas of snow that have been coming down on the back end of it western pennsylvania, up state new york, several inches have already piled up through out the overnight hours. we are expecting more snow. you can see the snow coming down across parts of eastern kentucky, west virginia and also parts of eastern tennessee. right between the rain and the snow freezing rain p. it will be coating the road ways and causing dangerous travel conditions. if you are heading to work or headed out of down it will be picking up. winds gusting 40 miles per hour, 47 miles an hour at jfk, 30's and 40's across the a atlantic city
. >> that storm is making road travel a lot trickier. it's also delaying folks to hope to fly home. steve, what's the latest? are flights getting out? >> reporter: yeah, flights are getting out and they're coming in. there are some cancellations though, not only here but in philadelphia and in newark and at laguardia airport in the new york area. they've had the worst problems here at national people taking it in stride and expressing relief and surprise that things aren't as bad as they had expected. there are 536 flights canceled at the nation's airports today alone as that weather system continues moving on through the east coast and out to sea. the best advice as always, arrive early. check with your airline to make sure your flight hasn't been delayed or canceled. 3 million folks are expected to fly on this weekend. call ahead and be patient. >> thanks a lot, steve. that weekend weather leaving trains stuck in their tracks. molly line. molly, is it better on the rales? >> reporter: oh, it is a little bit better on the rales. we've seen some delays along the day. big board at south station
wherever they're going. >> steve centanni at reagan national where they have loud music. by the way, the president of the united states was able to fly back to washington before the rotten weather here. he had been busy. he had been out in hollywood. he had three fund-raisers, 19 hours telling hollywood good job out there. >> started in seattle, san francisco and then over to los angeles. >> remember when he was too busy wanting to focus on the website getting it functioning, but apparently this trip was important to get into hollywood and give the message that he wanted everyone there who could eventually influence those watching the programs -- >> yeah. it was a big -- watch. >> i was talking to some of the studio executives and i said, look, the rollout of new health care marketplace was rough, and nobody was more frustrated about the problems with our website than i am. and yet here in southern california and here across this state, there are thousands of people every single day who are getting health care for the first time. for the first time because of this. an
the designated driver but for steve mayhem who is almost completely blind the cars will completely transform their lives lives. auto driving. google gave steve a look at the future. inviting him to take a seat in the first autonomous vehicle. >> look mom, no hands. >> how did that feel. >> incredibly normal. >> the car was driving did you have any instinct responses. >> we are here at the stop sign. anyone up for a taco. i suggest that we go to taco bell. >> this is somest best driving i have done. >> do you think you will be able to be driving again in your lifetime? >> absolutely. >> that sounds like lot of fun actually. and i'm feeling pett pretty good with this technology i think an automatic car will drive better. >> there is a lot of discussion about this whether they are safe or not. right now they're doing research that is basically taking a race car driver's skill and putting it inside of the scar. car. so if you hit black ice while you are driving you don't know what to do. imagine if you had the ewife equivalent of a race car driver who could take over for you. >> what is the bott
line. apparently spanx is not an invitation. and my guest, steve mcqueen is director of the film "12 years a slave." it's the harrowing story of a non-superhero movie being made in hollywood. (laughter) butterball warns there may be a turkey shortage. apparently they were caught off guard by this whole thanksgiving thing. (laughter) this is "the colbert report." captioning sponsored by comedy central ( theme song playing ) ( cheers and applause ) (cheers and applause) (audience chanting "stephen"). >> stephen: not bad, not bad! welcome to the "report," everybody, good to have you with us. thank you so much, ladies and gentlemen. folks, tonight -- folks, thank you. i -- i thank you. i thank you for your honoring of me tonight but, folks, i've got to tell you -- please, sit down. (cheers and applause) ladies and gentlemen, as much -- folks, as much as i love you praising me, tonight i have to start with a praise for you, the colbert nation. because last week, folks, i called out china for donating a measly $100,000 in cash to typhoon victims in the philippines. evidently china can't re
. >>> also ahead, why was president obama meeting with steve martin? and more importantly, how come the comedian wouldn't shake the president's hand? the intrigue, the answers when "360" continues. female announcer: sunday's your last chance sunday's your last chance to save big during sleep train's triple choice sale. through sunday, thanksgiving weekend, save hundreds on beautyrest and posturepedic. or choose $300 in free gifts with sleep train's most popular tempur-pedic mattresses. you can even choose 48 months interest-free financing on the new tempur-choice with head-to-toe customization. the triple choice sale ends sunday, thanksgiving weekend. ♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ >>> in raw politics tonight there has been a big turn around in the battle for control of congress in the midterm elections next year. the latest polls show that republicans have an edge among registered voters, 49% to 47%. just a month ago, democrats had the advantage, 50% to 42%. but that was before the political melee over obama care reached a fever pitch. joining me to t
happens. >> oh, steve! >> is the cat's name steve? >> i thought she said difficult. >>. >> now this is adorable. these are micropigs in england going on their little circuit training course. i think sfb at this time oun a rake on frchb so it like being at the state fair watch being the pig races. >> i want one of these things. >> apparently this family, they raise these micropigs, they are breeders. and they have a beb site about pet piggy's. well, this is a sales plan right here. people are going to want to scoop these guys up. >> dude's dancing like no one's watching. the problem is someone is watching. >> but then he gets busted by the mall cop, who apparently doesn't like what he's doing. >> why full. >> with why do we think a tiny breakfast helps us tay less? >> stats show women who eat breakfast tend to eat more than those who don't. soon, californians from to salinas to san diego will have equal access to quality health insurance. those who need financial assistance will get it. and nobody will be denied because of a pre-existing condition. welcome to a new state of heal
. welcome to "mornings on 2." i'm tori campbell. >> i'm dave clark. >>> steve, it doesn't sound like it's too bad. >> no. a lot of high clouds. cold inland. the higher clouds are holding up the temperatures. it will be a mix of sun and high clouds as temperatures stay in the 60s. starting off 40s, 50s. it's 50 in san francisco. san jose is at 44. but the higher clouds continue to drift in here from the associated low kind of spinning in some. but it's heading towards southern california. it's going to go parallel to the coast. we just get a few high clouds here. temperatures on the mild side in the afternoon with this hazy sunshine. at least for some. cool for others. but rain moves towards southern california tomorrow. we'll get partly to mostly cloudy skies. that high cloud and a little bit of filtered sun. mild to warm. a chilly, but cold morning. here's sal. >>> steve, good morning. right now we're looking at a commute that's lighter than usual. we have trouble spots. this is a look at the eastshore freeway. you can see traffic is moving along well heading out to the macarthur maze.
in the stabbing death of steve rutager. officers arrested his ex-wife and her current husband, investigators say they received information in this case in 2010 and they were able to link the couple to the murder. >> to be able to give closure to the family is huge for us. and it's personally gratifying to help to do that. >> investigators say money was the motive. rutager was selling the home when killed. the announcement met with tears and hugs from his daughters who have been waiting decades for an arrest. >> an 18-year-old from berkeley set on fire while riding an ac transit bus is expected to go home from the hospital tomorrow. sasha flieshman has been there since suffering expected third degree burns. 16-year-old richard thomas is accused of setting the skirt on fire. he was in court today, his attorney argued he should be tried as a juvenile. prosecutors charged him as an adult. thomas's attorney says his maturity level and peer influences should pb factored in. >> he's remorseful, about remorseful as a kid can be he thought there would be a puff of smoke and everybody would laugh. he was
aread to. >> h steve vierra is what's called a problem-108 everring officer. and in district, there are a lot of problems to be solved. >> i want to find out why there is a loitering sign there. you guys are loitering. >> citizens like to see the police. >> district 5 covers the eastern one-third of the city but sees two-thirds of the violent crime. that's why five of opds six teams are hear protecting and serving under captain coleman. >> i see a lot of major players in this area. but a lot of times we have to get to know who we don't know. a lot of times it's folks we don't know involved. >> the captain tells me district 5 is made up of many small gangs controlling a few small blocks. fights can start over turf wars, drugs, or simple disrespect, leaving the majority law-abide citizens feeling trapped in fear. >> ain't nobody safe. i'm too old to be running and dodging bullets. you have to be safe out here. >> i appreciate it. you, too. >> the scene of last night's shootings, covered with cop cars, this may be the safest intersection in oakland, at least for now. >> reporter
morning. >> good morning. >> steve rapner with is us. by goodness, i thought you were cooking. >> i'm going right to the stove. >> or do have you legions of people cooking for you? >> down, mika. >> any of you boys cooking? >> i'm making a dish. >> i might toast an english muffin, by specialty. >> i might make a bowl of cereal. >> come on, guys. what about you? >> my friend's husband john campbell is going to put my turkey in a thing in the yard. >> a deep fryer. >> i don't think i want that. but they've talked me into it. i had to buy a special size and i'm fearing someone is going to get hurt. >> he's trolling mika. >> is that very bad for you? >> it macs the turkey come alive. >> in peanut oil. >> why don't you eat some fourteench fries in. >> i have been talked into it. i have to bring the turkey over at 1:00. he's going to take care of it and give it back to me. >> it will taste good. >> it will? ion if my parents will like that. that's what's happening. none of are you cooking. are any of you shopping on friday? i don't understand this black friday thing. all right. i would su
is the obama care debacle to blame? that's next. >>> also ahead, why was president obama meeting with steve martin and more importantly, how come the comedian wouldn't shake the president's hand? the answer when we continue. lak didn't come with a warning. today her doctor has her on a bayer aspirin regimen to help reduce the risk of another one. if you've had a heart attack, be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. if you've had a heart attack, be sure to talk to your doctor i started part-time, now i'm a manager.n. my employer matches my charitable giving. really. i get bonuses even working part-time. where i work, over 400 people are promoted every day. healthcare starting under $40 a month. i got education benefits. i work at walmart. i'm a pharmacist. sales associate. i manage produce. i work in logistics. there's more to walmart than you think. vo: opportunity. that's the real walmart. >>> in raw politics tonight, there has been a big turn around for the battle for congress in the midterm elections next year. republicans have an edge among registered voters
of steven photographed by steve and steve saying are you still taking my picture david. there's the penn text camera i takes a lot of pictures and takes them to his local photo development place where hundreds and hundreds i think he made that one person a millionaire he would work on the collages and that would take hours. again, you have the photograph that wouldn't capture you have his own feet the detail of the grass, his mother and a place where she and ear mother and father used to date and this cemetery. a collapsed abby. this for example, one thing that's fascinating if you do it it will look like a monster it takes a frafrt to get the lines listened up but this is billy wilder lalt a cigar but you'll see what this is by locating you in this case him but what was striking it is precisely they don't look like monsters he pointed out when you spend time looking at a person you don't stare at them you look up and down but that is, in fact, what it looks like to stare at them. he don't two views one from standing still and one from walking the distance on oldly enough if i don't walk
." on the bright side, slavery didn't last as long as i thought. please welcome steve mcqueen! (cheers and applause) hey, mr. mcqueen, thanks so much for coming on. all right, thank you so much for coming on. this is a huge thrill. off giant movie this year. >> thank you very much. >> stephen: now you're a british artist and filmmaker, your films include "hunger" and "shame." currently you're the producer and director of "12 years a slave" which is adapted from an 1853 chronicle of a man named solomon northup, right? >> correct. >> stephen: tell the people the story of solomon. >> well, solomon northup was a free black man that lived in saratoga, new york, who got kidnapped in 1841 and he was brought to the south where he lived for 12 years within slavery. >> stephen: okay, the thing about this movie is i -- you know, i haven't seen it yet, i'm looking forward to it. the thing that i've heard is that it makes slavery look really bad. (laughter) is that a spoiler alert? i don't know. (laughter) >> it was pretty cruel. it was pretty brutal. it was slavery, so unfortunately -- >> stephen: right, right
is moving well onto the bridge, let's go to steve. >> allow hazy skies. the lower will be cold. >>> now officially concord is 40 but we have 40 degrees and san jose, looking for -- starting off at 44 and we will end up with 60s on some of these temperatures and they are running a little higher, 30s, 40s to near 50 degrees for some and the system we are hoping for is pore little and they are missing some in new york and this will be a pig system for today and then -- big system for today and then it pushes off fast enough, maybe delays today but traveling tomorrow could look much better and for us, 20s in the mountains, reno and 33 in ukiah, sacramento, and it is on its way but until it does, overall it is a dry pattern and next week, it low- to-mid, concord 65 and 67 livermore and 60s to near 70s, santa cruz 71 and today 18 close, 24 defreeze, maybe the weekend looks good but inland will be cold. >> u.s. orders dropped 2% last month but form business invested and it is not includeing is the some and it came down 1 / 10th 10th of a percent. >>> more people are turning to their phones and
weather and traffic before thanksgiving, steve. >> we have 30s and 40s for temperatures, some of these temperatures are running a little bit warmer than yesterday. high clouds are definitely making an impact for some. san francisco is mild today and high clouds are working their way in here, this low which is on its way is heading out and i will just put it down in current california and this next system will spend in some high mild clouds, it is chilly and warm, 60s on the temperatures, here is sal. >>> good morning. we are looking at the commute that it is still very light although we will be watching anything that pops up. let's look at the bay bridge toll plaza, no major problems and if you are driving onto the span it looks good and 101 to san francisco looks good and also the airport looks good. the nimitz traffic is also looking good and contra costa looks good as well and on to the peninsular we are off to a good start, let's go back to the desk. >>> starting with breaking news from alameda, firefighters just rescued a person trapped on a balcony in an early among apar
, plus music from linkin park and steve aoki. with cleto and the cletones. and now, here's jimmy kimmel! >> hell
: styles - who works at the zoo opened by the late crocodile hunter, steve irwin. >> catherine: dozens of visitors were watching as styles was attacked. a group of zoo keepers helped drag him away from the animal. the zoo director says the tiger and trainer were taking part in a regular >> catherine: david styles was bitten on the head and neck. he's listed in serious but stable condition - and is expected to live. the zoo is investigating the incident. >> reporter: the warriors were in new orleans tonight to face the pelicans. meanwhile the niners got back on track thanks to a dominant play. the niners beat the redskins. nothing went right for the red skins. niners linebacker aldon smith got his lake caught in there. he was really good. as the game does far since he has returned from rehab. . >> reporter: niners will host the rams on sunday. what happened today on crabtree is recovering. gary has details on crabtree use status coming up tonight. >> reporter: visibility is good and no fault. fog >> reporter:59 in richmond and 59 in oakland. 55 pitcher temperature to mike and the bottle
.16 billion in local revenues. that was a balance yesterday of the task force, by steve. and the 2.3 billion, and the 2 to one match is not all new money but includes the commitments of anticipated federal funds, toward the mtc, proposal significantly accelerates to promote the finding of the ready to go fro ject. it is suspected to act on this proposal in december. i would like to thank the mtc staff for the proposal which is in response to the funding shortfalls that were unable and were unable to be funded in the regional transportation plan, also, last week, california alliance for the jobs and transportation california to the industry based organizations that the paperwork to the state to preserve the opportunity to put a constitutional amendment on the 2014 ballot that will put into place, the state wide license fee dedicated for the transportation and infrastructure and a state of good repair, the measure is anticipated to generate, $2.9 billion state wide and although san francisco would likely receive quite a bit less than we successfully pursued under our own 1.3 percent vehicle li
is better than expected housing report. there's a five-year high. steve sedgwick, good morning. >> yeah. the kay shiler home price was the real -- wrels we saw potentially the report coming out, and they could charge consumers for parking money on deposit. this is a long shot. the fed in its most recent chat talked about potentially charging banks. banks having zero interest rates, and consumers may be tied on deposit. it is a long shot. waiting for the banks to turn around and said no, that's not the case as well. men's warehouse turning the tables in a bid for -- basically when you are the acquirer, if you get acquired, this is called the patent house. 1980s. >> yeah. i actually have a retro little joy stick game of trying to teach my kids how to play pack man. speaking of games, do you have on your iphone and ipad, is it there a game you're a little ashamed to have on it? >> where he. but it's not candy crush. >> what is it, though? can you tell me? >> it's tetris. >> still? >> minesweeper. these are the most basic games. >> well, tell me about candy crush because these games come in
steve hengineg executive director metropolitan transportation commission. >> good afternoon, good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen, on behalf of the toll bridge program oversight committee and my committee colleagues, and the director of cal transand the executive director of the california transportation commission, it is my great pleasure to welcome you at long last, to the opening ceremonies for the new east band of the san francisco oakland bay bridge. that is an applause line. [ applause ] >> i know that you joined me in thanking the oakland institute color guard and the choir, and their wonderful presentation and our ceremonies. [ applause ] >> and i guess that i will not ask you if it is hot enough. and it certainly is, so do please, keep cool and gentleman take off your jackets if you need to and keep the water going and keep an eye on your neighbor. and i'm going to ask you to rise again and that might create more air to hear our invocation from the reverend jay junior, from the oakland baptist church. >> let us pray. oh, lord our god thou who art the architect, engineer a
, and i am steve and i am a regular here unfortunately. and i am the owner of 68 procidio with my wife. and as my attorney just addressed this you, there is one other thing that i wanted to point out to you. and that is as of last night, the appellant contacted my attorney through his attorney, and said, you know, if you would only get rid of your fire escape, we would be willing to drop our appeal tonight. and so, i find this very disturbing, okay? and appalling that an entire campaign was mounted for the last 13 weeks and for actually a year all around safety. and now, all of a sudden, the neighbor wants us to get rid of our fire escape. i mean, it is, the hypocracy is unbelievable these people should be made an example of and i realize that the board does not have the jurisdiction to do that, and my passion of dealing with the year of this and the cost of this and the emotional stress of having to do this. and so i will only say that to you to put a perspective on this. and why i am frustrated in support of what my attorney just said is the game that is being played here is by withd
. pentagon spokesperson colonel steve warren said the planes took off on tuesday from the u.s. pacific territory of guam, then entered the zone. they are reported to be b-52 bombers. warren said the planes were not armed, and he said the flights were part of a planned exercise. he said the u.s. aircraft were neither observed, nor contacted by chinese planes. chinese authorities say aircraft entering the air space must notify them of flight plans and obey instructions. they've warned they'll take what they call emergency defensive measures if their instructions are not followed. u.s. commanders say they have no intention of complying with the demands. they insist international rules allow them to fly freely through international air space. >>> japanese defense minister says the united states has reacted to china's announcement by flying their military planes on the same routes as always and self defense aircraft also will not alter their flight activities over that part of the east china sea. >> translator: china's defl declared air defense identification zone is unilateral, as not only
-owned entity, and sadly, it has struggled since. part of the problem, steve, is that congress does not look at transportation as a single entity. it looks at it in a stove pipe fashion in that aviation, amtrak, highways, are dealt with separate bills in separate budgets. the traveler does not say i am exclusively a railroad traveler. a traveler on any day might use highways, aviation, railroads, and what would certainly help america's transportation situation today would be to fund all of the modes to a multimodal, single transportation budget, which is not being done. what we are doing today is lobbyists from each of the modes are coming to capitol hill and fighting for their share of the pie. because amtrak is relatively poor, does not have a political action committee, it does not fare as well as the other modes do on the hill. host: i want to come back to that in a moment, but let's look at amtrak by the numbers. on any given day it operates 300 passenger trains daily. it has more than 21,000 miles of roots. it connects more than 500 destinations in 46 states, washington, d.c., and thre
they want ukraine to take, but this country is divided. to the east and to the west. steve rosenberg, bbc news, ukraine. >> you are watching "bbc world news america." to come, this american woman is winning medals in the swimming pool. we will tell you her remarkable story. minister, the prime has resigned, following the death of 64 people when the roof of a supermarket caved in last week. the bbc's nick charles has more on the political turmoil. >> repercussions from this catastrophic building collapse continue. the country is still reeling from the country's disaster since it declared its independence from the soviet union 22 years ago. much national grief and mourning on display since the tragedy, but also anger, and the prime minister has emerged before the cameras to announce his resignation. politicaling responsibility for the disaster, he said. his departure also means that a new government has to be formed just weeks before the country is meant to join the euro zone. shell of the supermarket is being demolished. emergency workers are also sifting through debris for clues into an i
which to fund discretionary spending than do upper income households. i will now turn it over to steve to tell us more about our other findings. you, i'm executive director of the consumer federation of america. our survey data contains both good news and bad news. there hasews is that been the continued increase in the percentage that will say they will spend more and the decrease in the percentage who say they will spend less. the changes from 2011, in particular, are substantial from eight-14% say they will spend more and from 41-32% who say they will spend less. certainly one reason for these changes is improved family finances. most significantly, the percentage who said their financial situation had worsened declined from 37% in 2011 to 29% this year. these data are economic recovery indicators. thesurvey also suggests government shutdown and related budget controversies have tended to depress spending. over half of respondents indicated that " recent controversies over federal government spending and borrowing" had affected their holiday spending plans with nearly one/5 say ve
studies and cybersecurity at long island. please welcome me in joining dr. steve bucci. [applause] welcome todd my everyone here and coming on to c-span. i have to tell you we seldom get right on anf this event. this was planned thinking we would be commenting on the ongoing discussions. now have to comment on what apparently is a deal. treat here with the panel that we have. i will introduce them quickly so that we can get to their remarks . we will start with my colleague jim, he is our middle eastern analyst focused on the middle east and international terrorism since 1978. he's a former research fellow at the congressional research service. the nsa,consultant for dod, the national republican institute and a member of the board of editors's middle eastern quarterly. fromwed by patrick clawson the washington institute of near east policy, the largest u.s. think tank focusing on the middle east. he has edited or written over 30 farsi.nd he speaks he can read stuff the rest of us cannot. he has also served as a senior economist at the dod national fornse university, worked the
? and would it look like the movie with steve martin and john candy. john foreman is in cnn's second place finisher. >> lisa desjardins. >> i made it. where is the button? nic, i'll say hi later. i have important things to do here, bam. 4:30. >> well done. >> how did you pull that off? i'm still not sure. >> it pulled back a minute and a half earlier. some people said, he held the plane. he just got so lucky. i didn't believe it. when i'm sitting in me seat, i thought, i feel so sorry for you. then i thought, no, no, let's go. >> forget that. i thought it was almost in my grasp. as you might have seen in the videos i sent, my whole train car was really into it. they had all these theories about what could happen and how you possibly might come in second. >> i was living those in my head. like the flight would get diverted. it was so bumpy, because of the storm, they couldn't serve drinks. i was thinking, thal ey'll comet of the clouds and it won't be washington. >> this is nic, about three hours to come in here, coming by airplane. lisa just tagged in here at about four and a half hours, a
, with magic johnson, with steve martin out in northern california. >> aww, ain't that a shame. you'd liked to have been there yourself. >> steve jobs called him up, he has more connections than any men. >> who? >> president obama has no one. >> what about president bush? this is what i think is so crazy. the last family that needs money is the bush family. they don't need an oil deal. >> shaq. >> he was in my dream last night. so was kim kardashian. >> north west. that's the name of the baby. >> why do they name them directions? >> they love gps. >> my head is filled with, like, pollution from all this crazy stuff. >> bob or kanye? >> kanye west. bob's fine. bob's fine. >> the thing is, look, say what you will about well respected in the music industry. he is a great songwriter. he is a very talented performer, but his politics are askew and somewhat ill informed when he goes on rants about the bush family who is actually an incredible family. he is just mad at everyone. he is known for saying stuff like this. >> it was a rant on obama. >> he strikes me as having a lot of anger issues. [ o
the mundane into the magical. on the margins, the great steve martin suffering a cold and opted out of the presidential handshake. and mr. obama wants to martin and actor jim parsons record dialogue. >> i fixed my mistake. >> but you have made your mistake. >> i made many mistakes before that. >> reporter: hitting his marks the president focused on the economy. smart phone systems and other advances, but also acknowledging many mistakes that create what he called the rough debut of obamacare. >> serious southern california and across the state there are thousands of people every single day who are getting health care from the first time. the first time. [applause] because of this. [applause] and by the way, the website is continually working better, so check it out. [laughter] >> reporter: the conference board reported consumer confidence dropped nearly two points to its lowest level since april with fear about hiring and wages aggregated by that government shut down and the cancellation of millions of health insurance policies. >> the fact that the $600 million we spend on health c
at the australia zoo, founded by steve irwin. known as the crocodile hunter, irwin was famous for getting too close for comfort with wild animals. he died in 2006 after a sting ray stung him. but his approach lives on at the australia zoo. the zoo's videos show the trainers playing with tigers as though they were kitty cats. today the tigers reminded everyone they're not. david wright, abc news, los angeles. >>> and still ahead, the secrets about those black friday prices and why the number 30 could be key to knowing if that bargain is real. ♪ >>> and one direction invades new york. are they the beetles or the back street boys? we're back in two minutes. side-by-side, so you get the same coverage, often for less. that's one smart board -- what else does it do, reverse gravity? [ laughs ] split atoms? [ flo chuckles ] [ whirring ] hey, how's that atom-splitting thing going? oh! a smarter way to shop around -- now that's progressive. call or click today. like a squirrel stashes nuts, you may be muddling through allergies. try zyrtec® liquid gels. nothing starts working faster than zyrtec® at reli
bang theory and comedian steve martin. he thanked the entertainment industry for shaping world of culture. he says will and grace and modern family has transmitted values such as tolerance and diversity. >>> you probably never think a 12-year-old girl could get expelled from school for having big hair. but this florida student says school officials have given her an ultimatum. tame her main or get kicked out. vanessa van dyke goes to the school. the doctors code says hair must be a natural -- dress code says hair must be a natural color and not distracting. >> i am depressioned about leaving my friends and people i have known for a while. i would -- depressed about leaving my friends i have known for a while. >> vanessa's mother says her hair had been big all yearlong, but it only became an issue after the family complained she was getting teased. >>> a new jersey waitress who claims she was stiffed on a tip because she was gay, may have forged that receipt. morales posted a receipt on facebook showing a $93 bill, no tip and the message saying, quote, sorry i cannot tip because
steve rudi gechlt r in the home shared with irvin. officials say money was the motive for this crime but won't give details. word brought relief for the family. >> had he not been the way he was, we'd never be as strong as we have. after 22 years, it, you guys can just imagine how hard it is. >> the two married around the time of the murder. they're now divorceed and allegedly implicated each other in the crime. dna evidence also led to the big break. >> happening now, a candle light vigil in memory of a beloved coach. the 76 was athletic director at john f kennedy high. hit by a car as he tried to direct traffic around a fender bender. we're live tonight, we're hearing many wonderful things about this man. >> reporter: dan, he touched many students lives here at john f kennedy high school over many years he was here this, gathering was their idea. a chance to mourn together, to say thank you, and goodbye. it's an unstructured event. there is a mic if anyone wants to address the crowd. otherwise, the principal says everyone will be given an opportunity to have a moment at the front
a tiny us a pentagon spokesperson colonel steve warren said the planes take off on tuesday from the us pacific ten pm climb the reported to twenty b fifty two bombers entered the zone and kenny at the same kindness. warren said the planes were not on it and he said the flights but come to the planned exit signs. us officials have not confirmed aware that the tiny scramble danny and craft. he was concerned as they can no intention of complying with chinese demands to know to find them before plying the design. the americans insist that intends to move the mountain to climb three three international and states. japanese officials are attending this event and cried at the same thing they say airlines don't need to vent just a flight plans but china in response to the knees now. officials and japan airlines in all of the pronoun ways have taken the precaution of freaking chinese authorities about planes to land from timeline even though their plane still applying chinese and status. here she is to emphasize that the japanese company doesn't make it nice that is down. she'll go with the po
live"! tonight, casey affleck, mike tyson, plus music from linkin park and steve aoki. with cleto and the cletones. and now, here's jimmy kimmel!
with actor jim parsons from the big bang theory and comedian steve martin. he thanked the entertainment industry for in his worsd shaping a world of culture. >>> a bomb shell tonight from one of hollywood's biggest hit makers. brittany hopper on how a top producer became an israeli intelligence ajent. >> he's one of hollywood's biggest producers, but was he leading a double life? >> he's very mistierous exotic figure in hollywood. >> for 20 years, one of the most powerful movie producers in hollywood, born in israel, says he was also a leading israeli intelligence ajent. in a new interview broadcast in israel, a reporter asks about a 1983 instance where he reportedly used actor richard dreyfus to help shet up a meeting between an american nuclear scientist and israeli officials. he says everybody wants to meet a star, and that's how the meeting happened. a-list actor such as ben afflec and robert deniro heard the rumors but say they didn't care. >> i remember some point i had asked about that, being friends i was curious, but not in an accusatory way, just want today know, and he -- he
, steve that congress does not look at transportation as a single entity. it looks at it in a stove pipe fashion in that aviation, amtrak, highways, are dealt with separate bills in separate budgets. the traveler does not say i am exclusively a railroad traveler. a traveler on any day might use highways, aviation, railroads, and what would certainly help america's transportation to fundn today would be all of the modes to a multimodal, single transportation budget, which is not being done. what we are doing today is lobbyists from each of the modes are coming to capitol hill and fighting for their share of the pie. is relatively poor, does not have a political action committee, it does not fare as well as the other modes do on the hill. host: i want to come back to that in a moment, but let's look at amtrak by the numbers. 300ny given day it operates passenger trains daily. it has more than 21,000 miles of roots. it connects more than 500 destinations in 46 states, washington, d.c., and three canadian provinces. a top speed is 150 miles an hour. service began on may 1, 1971. the first tr
thousand and six. by that of what you've done overnight stop in steve's with local fight to get to see. shared office and all that i saw this and just as i'm not the knife that is what the conflict ended. he said. and what the fight. but since this pic is me the thought that was fine in this credential in the indian auto parts sector and that in the process of setting up manufacturing units and that the fox the president the royal borough of kensington and chelsea constituency phallic say. and by the royal court to cultural society. the event will celebrate its one hundredth anniversary disney join me for a hundred and sixty thousand visits his shadow is the will of god meanwhile it. on tuesday the queen is the new reiki to visit at the keys. joseph our cities or so from day to showcase need tons in twenty twelve to celebrate the queen's sixteen he is unafraid of special dining tv friends with some sales. he's fine country takes it into space that is entering sunday's day stretching the imagination and inspiring one and i wanted an eye off the geometric have since seen here with that t
hard. >> reporter: while investigators suspected sheryl ann drace and william devincenzi in steve's death with the house they all shared and cash as the motive they didn't have proof until recently. >> you never give up hope and you get frustrated. >> reporter: drace was arrested in her san leandro home. devincenzi already with a colorful prison past was busted in his prison in victorville. it was ignited possibly by a red-hot love triangle by the drop of a dime and d.n.a. >> i can't describe what we're feeling. we finally -- that's all i can say is just finally we have arrived. >> reporter: in dublin, andria borba, kpix 5. >> two suspects were in court on monday and are now being held without bail. >>> the latest frustration for bart riders was a problem in the transbay tube. kpix 5's christin ayers reports, metal debris caused major delays last night. >>> reporter: hundreds jammed this platform in west oakland waiting as long as one or two hours trapped because of some debris, some sheet metal that we heard was obstructing one of the tracks. >> i have been waiting over an hour
you for your consideration, i'm steve humphreys, the ceo of fly wheel. some of you might know fly wheel is the app with nearly 2/3 of san francisco's taxis on our system. together wree and taxi magic provide access to virtually every taxi in san francisco, even here now you can see on a rainy rush hour in san francisco the nearest cab is two minutes away, easily accessible. realtime geolocated, very usable for the customers, and the legal fleets and drivers in san francisco are working very hard to compete with all the illegal and new services that are coming out and they are making lots of headway. our rides through fly wheel are rated 4 and 5 stars 95 percent of the time by our passengers here in san francisco. 95 percent 4 and 5 star ratings, 70 percent straight up 5 stars. driver reliability, when a driver accepts a hail through fly wheel, more than 99 percent of the time they show up to pick up that passenger so quality and reliability are being delivered by your fleets here in san francisco. so despite the good intent of this proposal it's the wrong action, it's a static pl
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